Experience-Focused Cybersecurity Training

Real Businesses | Real Engagements | Real Experience

Cybersecurity training platforms are cool and all, but have you ever wanted to gain hands on experience by participating in guided penetration tests, vulnerability assessments and compliance audits on real business systems?

Well, you're in the right place, because that's exactly what we do!

Each weekday, we hold live sessions to showcase exactly how this work is done on actual business systems for our members. Can't make the live session time? No problems! We record each session for later viewing.

Learning Pathways

Alongside our live sessions, we also have learning pathways that complement the work we do during the live sessions to give you the theory behind the action. These are all available as part of membership.

Defensive Cyber Security Education

This learning pathway is designed to help give you techniques to complete a job in the defensive security side of cyber security.

Offensive Cyber Security Education

This learning pathway gives you real world examples of penetration testing engagements, along with the tools and techniques used within the industry to complete different tasks within the offensive security space.

Cyber Security Freelancing Education

This learning pathway has been designed from tried and tested methods to bring in your own clients as an IT Freelancer. In this pathway, you will learn how to obtain clients, how to set service pricing and to also decide on what services to provide.

AI Automation Education

AI in the automation space has been growing over the last few years. In this learning pathway, you will learn how to implement AI together with automations of business process improvements in your workplace or for your clients.

Purple Team GRC Cyber Security Education

Coming Soon!

Free Cyber Security Education Course

This comprehensive FREE course is designed to equip you with the fundamental knowledge and skills required to begin a successful journey in this rapidly growing field.

Freelancing In Cybersecurity

Freelancers in the cybersecurity industry are like modern-day digital superheroes, protecting companies from cyber threats.

The freedom to choose your own clients and projects allows you to constantly challenge yourself and improve your skills as a cybersecurity professional.

At the Safer Internet Project, we assist you on your freelancing journey by providing consistent 1 on 1 check in meetings where we go over strategies to bring in your own clients, help you with what services sell that suit your skillset, how to price those services, as well as regular meetings with members who are also freelancing in cybersecurity.

1:1 Coaching

We believe that building a solid plan of attack to grow in your career or even as a freelancer in IT is an important step towards success.

My goal is to keep you on track to become more successful in the pathway you have chosen.

Resume Advice

Our resume advice service is designed to give you an understanding of what areas for improvement there are on your resume, specifically for cybersecurity related CV's.

What we will do is review your resume and provide notes on how to improve your resume to help land you an interview.

What is the Safer Internet Project?

Whether you're a student, graduate or someone looking to test their skills, we offer tangible and authentic experience in the cyber security industry through penetration testing projects on real businesses systems. We will guide and mentor you through what a penetration test looks like, how to write professional vulnerability reports and help you to gain various soft skills in a collaborative space with other members from around the globe.

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